Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Driving Contemplations

Tonight, I think about the world. How even though we have all these major differences, we can still all relate as human beings, and most especially as children of God. It's kind of a broad subject to think about but there it is. No one person is exactly the same as the next. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and we never really have life all figured out, though some people are closer than others. We all love, laugh, work, play, eat, breath, sleep, experience joy and sorrow and do many other wonderful things as human beings. 6.5 billion currently. Residing on this planet we call Earth. Can you wrap your head around that?
As you drive in your car and other drivers zoom by you in a rush to get somewhere, do you ever wonder where they are going? What they're life is like? Their family? Their jobs? Beliefs? What they do in the day-to-day? Contemplating for that one second that you see them, then they go zooming off to that other place, the last time you may ever see that individual and share the same road.
You wonder, can our Heavenly Father really know every single one of us? Does He really know all our faults, all our dreams, wishes and desires? Can He really, see the potential in the one in a billion?
And then you sit back in your seat..
Gaze up at the sky..
And smile..
Cause you can feel it. And He does.