Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Decisions.. decisions

For the longest time, I've joked about becoming a music major. There was always a half-serious note to these comments, but lately I've been wondering if something I could actually do. For various reasons:

-I love music
-I'm drawn to music like a moth to flames
-I love music
-I'm not too bad at it
-I would like to devote more time to it
-The people in the music program are AWESOME
-Imagining a life with a career music and teaching it to others is wonderful
-Did I mention I love music?

However, my dilemma has always been.. English. My current major. For various reasons:

-I love reading
-I get a kick outta picking meaning out of literature
-I love reading
-Discussing literature is a good time for me
-Sharing books and writing with other people happens to be a passion of mine
-I like creating something out of a bunch of words
-DID I mention that I love reading??

So you see my dilemma? I know it's killer. But as I've been praying about this and talking with various people, I've begun to realize that maybe I could do both. Double major in both and then get an advanced degree in teaching? Maybe? Possibly?


Well it's not a for sure thing quite yet, but it is definitely a consideration. Leaning waaayy towards yes. Just saying. We'll see.