Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Labor of love

“Keep reading. It's one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.”
 -Lloyd Alexander

I'm gonna write a novel about a grand adventure, one that I dream of going on. And I'm not gonna write it for prestige, or for money, or for people to recognize me as a good writer. It's just because I love adventures. And writing.

It'll be in a land full of magic, one where dragons are part of an everyday existence (I'm fully aware of my nerd status, thank you).  There is just something about the lure of unexpected adventure that I love, like a larger-than-life battle just sitting on the horizon. 

The adventure brings together a group of people that never would have met each other otherwise. It puts them through hardships that they barely make through, some not at all. And by the time they are done, they have become family. A family that would do anything for one another. 

The setting in which this adventure takes place includes some of the most beautiful, alluring and wild places to be seen. These paces are the type where you just want to sit on a rock, pull your knee up under your chin and watch the world move around you.And then, that same world makes you get up and be a part of it. Every moment and backdrop evokes images that stick in your mind, well up and transform to emotion. 

It will be an adventure of epic proportions, and it’s not for the world. It’s just for me. Because I can't help but love a journey and the lessons one learns when that journey reaches its end. And you look back. And you can't believe that it actually happened. I'm gonna write that story. With love. 

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